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About LJ

Trying to summarize who our son Jack Barnett III, was and what he stood for in a few paragraphs would be like trying to put an elephant in a shoebox, you just can’t do it, but we are happy to share some of the attributes that embodied who he really was. Jack focused on the value of the moment and living life to the fullest. He had a tremendous amount of patience and love for his younger family members, was a true friend and trusted confidant.

Jack’s infectious smile and genuine laughter could bring joy into any space he was in. His witty sense of humor and sarcasm were unrivaled and often very direct. He loved to spend time with his family and friends and was known for his “laid back” personality as well as his swag. In fact, one of the most remembered things about Jack was his sense of style. He was very competitive in sports and team games, but he always made sure that it was a fun environment. He never stressed about situations or possessions and was willing to make sure that others were taken care of if he had the resources to do so.

Jack understood the value of family and was very influential to his younger family members. He never missed an opportunity to give them good advice. He took the time to teach them things and to play with them. He listened to them and was never dismissive as older family members often can be with children, so they naturally gravitated to him.

Jack had the type of personality that he could make friends wherever he went. From the barbershop, his jobs, school, and his social circles no one was a stranger. His friends almost universally commented that he was a TRUE friend. He is often described as someone who listened without judgement and was supportive which made him easy to talk to and trust. He had several groups of friends, one of which he played on a volleyball league with. His competitive nature made him a great teammate. Whether it was showing up for games or showing up in life, he was truly there as a friend. One of the best things about him was that he considered true friends like family and built lasting bonds with those he was, and was not, related to.

To honor his memory and keep what he meant to so many people alive, this foundation seeks help in supporting organizations that align most closely with Jack’s values. We have chosen to donate to The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in his name.

To have known Jack, was to have loved him.

Our mission with the “Jack L. Barnett’s Positive Effect Foundation” is to have a positive effect on other’s lives, just as Jack did on every one that knew him.

Please join us in having a positive effect on someone else’s life by donating, no amount is too small and every cent is appreciated!

Thank you and God bless!

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