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Tributes from Family



I love and miss my grandson. When you think about describing someone whose presence you’ve taken for granted it’s something…. different.Sometimes we find ourselves in conversations about our children/grands. When I talk to others about my grandsons, I’ve always said I have the best grandsons in the world. Jack, (aka L.J. until he got too old for the nickname), has always been family oriented. His great grandmother always reminds us of when Jack was a little boy he said to her, “Big Mama, family sticks together. Don’t they?”On holidays and whenever family would get together, Jack did his best to be there, sometimes coming straight from work and in his work clothes. As a young man he could have been out with friends as many young men would do, but Jack chose to be with family, and he loved the big meals as well! He was also that big cousin who didn’t mind spending time with the little ones.Jack was an independent young man and a hard worker. He didn’t mind holding two jobs- enabling him to save, get ahead and get the things he wanted. This also put him in a position to quietly help others in need. His parents taught him that honest work is important in life, and Jack was guided by that value.Jack was an all-around good person to all who knew him.


I couldn’t honestly sum up in words the type of person my brother was. I know when everyone speaks of someone close to them it should feel that way. So, I will instead tell you all the things I think he did or meant without even knowing it. I think subconsciously he couldn’t help but be kind to others upon meeting them. I have never seen him judge anyone before having a conversation with them at least. He always kept a level head, unless we were on Xbox and things weren’t going quite our way. But I think because deep down he just wanted to win, he wanted to have that moment where you felt unstoppable as we all do. But, in his eyes I saw no more joy than when he saw the people he loved succeeding. He was really creative too, whether it was Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition customizing a car or spending the little money he had to make sure he looked good on the field. Even though he hated letting me borrow his gear when I played. I know it was because he valued his things, but he loved me more. I say all this to say that my brother was a lot of things to a lot of people. A role model, best friend, family member, or just a cool dude you'd meet in passing lol. But the most important thing he ever was, was just a good person at heart. I love you man and I miss you everyday. 

Auntie Ronnie & Kids

L.J. was a cool laid- back kind of guy. I loved his smile. His fashion style was always on point, even on what would be considered bad day. Something I will always remember about LJ is his love for kids! A couple of memories I have is one summer him and his little cousins were outside having a water balloon fight. He was running from the kids, slipped in the grass and the kids bombed him with balloons. He was "winning" until he fell. It was so funny! We all laughed, LJ got back up, sat down for a while then went back for more. 

Another memory I have of LJ and his love for the children is, I would have pool parties for my kids and I would pay LJ and his brother Joe to be my lifeguards. They would play with kids, give them rides on their backs, and most importantly make they did not go under =)  ( LOL) . LJ and Joe would also take the kids swimming at the family reunions with no hesitation. They would stay in the pool all night with them. 


I miss and love you L.J.

Uncle Sean

Remembering L.J., there were a few things that when I start thinking about him brings a smile to my face. First, no matter how old he was and how busy he was, he always made sure he spent quality time with his younger family members and any kids that might be around. You know when you get to be a teenager or young adult most wouldn't take the time.  I really believe he enjoyed it, just as much as the they did. Second, I really used to look forward to our family meals. In stark contrast to Joe who gets his two plates and goes to town, LJ always took his time putting his plate together, so everything looked just right. Finally, when he sat down, he had to take several pictures of his food. Lol.  He had to be the slowest eater I have ever seen it’s like he savored every bite. I really miss my nephew. I feel so blessed to have been apart of his life.  ​


There are so many memories to reflect back on. Jack was my big cousin whom I loved dearly. Even though Jack was older, he never minded spending time with the little kids. He would always come down to the pool with us or even babysat if needed. Jack was always there for me and always made sure I was good. One of the memories that I will always cherish is when I was younger. I loved peanut butter jelly sandwiches. No matter how many times I asked for them, he would sit me up on the counter and make one for me every time. That’s just the type of person Jack was.

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